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Elections 2022: 50% of candidates for internal elections were presented on the last day

Elections 2022: ONPE publishes list of candidates for delegates for internal elections

At the close of the registration period, they were registered in the Declara Internas system of the 13,388 lists of candidates for the internal elections, which include 135,276 applicants, ahead of the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections.

Of this figure, 339 correspond to the regional election, 1,857 to the provincial municipal election and 11,192 to the district municipal election.

These lists correspond to 148 political organizations throughout the country that called for internal elections, of which 15 are political parties and 133 regional movements.

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“Of the 13,388 lists submitted by political groups in the JNE Declara Internas system, almost 50% were submitted on the last day (around 6,500)”Huber Barreto, responsible for information technology projects at the electoral body, informed JNETV.

He explained that the system Declares Internaldesigned for political organizations to register and submit their lists of candidates online for the May internal elections, worked correctly without any incident occurring during the entire process.

He also assured that the platform responded optimally from April 1st to midnight on the 11th of the same monthin which it was enabled according to the term indicated by the regulations.

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In an interview with the JNETV channel, the official said that training in the use of the digital tool was previously provided to representatives of political organizations, both in Lima and in the interior of the country, from March 8 to April 4. , through 27 informative workshops (20 virtual and seven face-to-face).

Finally, Barreto Loyola pointed out that, in addition to the respective training sessions, throughout this period there were personnel from the electoral body pending to guide and answer user queries regarding the operation of the aforementioned information system.


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