Elderly man passed out from hunger in Holguín died after arriving at the hospital

MIAMI, United States. – The old man who fell unconscious on Aguilera street in Holguín On May 3, he died the same day, after arriving at the hospital, they confirmed CubaNet to neighbors and relatives of the man over 80 years old.

The video of the deceased old man went viral and caused thousands of reactions and comments and reproductions after being published on CubaNet last May 4.

The cause of death was a head injury caused by his violent fall on Aguilera street in the city of Holguín, according to what they told CubaNet neighbors and acquaintances of the old man.

“He died in the hospital the same day he fell. They delayed in giving him medical help. Everyone left and they left him leaning against the wall. It was like that for several hours until he collapsed on the sidewalk. They picked him up, took him to the hospital and he died there,” said a man who identified himself as Mario, a neighbor of the same room where the deceased elderly man lived.

“His name was Elías, he was over 80 years old and they called him ‘El Chino’. The Government had given him the room because he was a combatant from the late 50s of the last century”, adds the neighbor.

“He was from Baracoa (Guantanamo). From there he lived in Gibara and later came to the city of Holguín. He had not lived in the cuartería for a year, ”said another neighbor who was consulted under conditions of anonymity.

Elías collected empty beer or soda cans on the streets. Then he sold them as raw material.

“He lived alone, dumped like a dog. He was a combatant and from his checkbook he earned more than 3,000 pesos. That was not enough for him to live on. Everything is very expensive. A pound of rice costs 200 pesos, a liter of cooking oil 1,200, a liter of milk 70, a pizza 80. He was hungry. He was not an alcoholic. He lived a dog’s life,” said another neighbor who preferred not to be identified for fear of retaliation.

“It couldn’t be sustained. He was faint from hunger. He went out to beg for alms and to collect raw materials to sell. But it wasn’t enough to eat. He walked slowly and to support himself he leaned against the wall ”, details a newspaper vendor who knew the old man.

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