El Mostrador and Pedro Güell launch «New Cycle: «It is urgent to think of a progressive political project

In the first chapter of the cycle of interviews New Cycle, Pedro Güell, interviewed the French sociologist Vicent de Gaulejac, who addressed the social bond and how to rebuild the democratic space, social rights and how to move forward in strengthening social ties. “The conflict has moved on. The class struggle used to be social and political, but today the struggle for places is a conflict between each individual and himself. Each individual must make his self grow, in the same way that he makes a capital grow. This produces a very individualistic human being,” he commented.

Regarding the left in recent years, he expressed that “there is a tension between the political and the economic that complicates it, we live it with President Hollande, who said that the world of finance was his enemy and as soon as he took office he carried out a right-wing policy. The same thing happened with President Macron. This makes the left live a contradiction: the left that aspires to power must make concessions because a break with capitalism is not possible. Today there are large companies, as powerful as the states”. Regarding Chile, he affirmed that the scenario is interesting because “the new government relies equally on social movements, on citizen action and on feminism”, and reflected that “these instances lead us to find our heart in what constitutes citizenship , that is, the production of a common world”.

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