'El Mijis' account is reactivated to reject "accident" in Debanhi case

‘El Mijis’ account is reactivated to reject "accident" in Debanhi case

On March 2, through a statement published on the social networks of ‘El Mijis’, the family confirmed that the former local deputy of San Luis Potosí was found dead and that, according to the authorities, the event resulted from a car accident .

However, there were no more details about the death of the former local deputy from San Luis Potosí, until this Friday where it is suggested that the body of Pedro Carrizales was tied up, when the official version was a traffic accident.

After the death of the activist and former local deputy was confirmed, the account remained inactive until April 4, the date on which reference was made to the case of Beatriz Adriana Sánchez López, who had been imprisoned for 15 years in the Santa Martha prison. , in Mexico City, for defending herself from her partner, a policeman.

Through a video, the “El Mijis” account explained that “Bety” met a man in 1992, who was a police officer, with whom he was together for 12 years, during which time they had four children.

“She lived through the hell of domestic violence, they had four children, for them she endured everything, she knew that she was not the only victim, he was abusing one of her greatest loves.

“They fled home, the authorities notified her attacker, he summoned her to murder her, he beat her to her knees, the gun was ready and pointed at her head, with no other choice she defended herself, she has been imprisoned for 15 years accused of saving her life and protect their loves, without wanting to do justice, something that the women of Mexico still lack, ”shared the account of Carrizales Becerra at the time.

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