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El Funky asks congressmen in the US for support to achieve the release of Maykel Osorbo

MADRID, Spain.- Cuban musician Eliecer Márquez Duany, known as “El Funky”, will meet next week with congressmen in the United States, as part of the efforts aimed at the possible release of rapper and political prisoner Maykel “Osorbo” Castillo .

As El Funky told Radio Television Martithe meeting also aims to find a specialist who can attend to the case of Maykel Castillo, who is serving a nine-year prison sentence in a delicate state of health, for a disease that causes swollen glands.

“We cannot lose faith, mainly. (…) The good thing about all this is that you have to accept release from prison in exchange for exile and that is good news for us”, considered El Funky.

The singer, one of the interpreters of “Patria y Vida”, also pointed out that people close to the artivist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara are trying to get him to accept exchanging his freedom for exile.

At the end of last August, for the first time Maykel Castillo, winner of two Latin Grammys, manifested that he was willing to go into exile to obtain his freedom.

“If a door were opened for me right now, where I could go into exile, brother, I would go out. You understand? I go out with the commitment, but standing up,” said the protesting musician in a telephone dialogue from prison with businessman Armando Labrador, owner of the YouTube channel sing it tv.

As activist Anamely Ramos, a friend of El Osorbo, explained, when her lymph nodes began to swell, “that’s when Maykel started to get scared.” “Until that moment, Maykel had kept telling me that even if they blackmailed him, he was not going to leave Cuba, that he preferred to be in prison,” said the opponent.

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