Colombia invests $655 billion in 30 airports

El Dorado Airport opens vacancies for people who live nearby

El Dorado International Airport, together with about 24 companies among those airlines, stores and suppliers that work there, launched the first employment portal called ‘Pista de Oportunidades’, for those who live near the air terminal.

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This initiative seeks to cover the vacancies of the companies that are part of the airport sector, and, at the same time, strengthen ties with communities near the area of ​​operation.

According to the general manager of Opain, Andrés Ortega, “The Pista de Oportunidades portal demonstrates how at El Dorado we work to create relevant connections with our neighbors and the environment in which we operate. We are proud to deliver this news today, as we know that it is the beginning of an initiative created to transform and leverage the personal and professional development of the communities neighboring El Dorado.”

Likewise, with this employment portal, the aim is to encourage the adequate use of urban transport, in order to contribute to improving the mobility of the city and reduce the carbon footprint.

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It is worth noting that ‘Track of Opportunities’ also has the support of the Mayors premises of Engativá and Fontibón, and Municipal of Funza (Cundinamarca).

The portal was launched three weeks ago and, so far, is in the initial phase, during which the 24 companies have been registered and 500 resumes of the inhabitants of nearby towns have been registered.

Next the job offers that you will find in the job portal:

• Payroll Administrative Assistant
• Telecommunications Professional
• Ramp Leader
• IT Manager
• Sales assistant, kitchen, logistics,
• Equipment Operator
• Firefighter
• Surveillance coordinator
• Male and female watchman
• Construction Operative, plumbers
• Customer service agent

You can enter to learn more about both job opportunities and related companies with open vacancies.

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OPAIN, Avianca, Viva Air, LATAM, Mera Corporation, Attenza, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, Dufry, Dogger, Britt Shop Colombia, Miniso, Kokoriko, Creppes&Waffles, Interaseo, VISE, Menzies Aviation, Global Lounge Network, Logiztik Alliance, Vertiv, Omega, Poke, We Serve and 2Kinse; are the companies that have been linked so far.


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