El Buen Fin 2022 expects sales of 195,000 million pesos

El Buen Fin 2022 expects sales of 195,000 million pesos

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed his confidence that the sales goal will be achieved.

“I can even anticipate that it will be overcome, by far, because the country’s economy is very good, it is growing and there is money in circulation, there is income; the majority of people have resources to consume,” the president said.

He added that people have resources “to consume the basics, but also what is not so basic.”

Last year, El Buen Fin, which lasted 7 days, generated sales of 191,000 million pesos, falling short of the goal of 239,000 million pesos.

Tejada reiterated that El Buen Fin democratizes the participation of all businessmen in Mexico in a promotion of this type. “For many micro and small businesses it would be impossible to carry out a promotion like this one,” she assured.

To participate, he added, to use the name El Buen Fin, those interested only have to register on the Concanaco Buen Fin mobile application or on the page of the Ministry of Economy.

Héctor Tejada took advantage of the morning conference to comment that Concanaco developed concaclick.app, through which companies in the country can register their products and services for free.

Hotel reservations, restaurants and online sales are expected to be available soon.

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