"El Bronco": I tested negative for colon cancer, but my health is still very delicate

“El Bronco”: I tested negative for colon cancer, but my health is still very delicate

“I am going to be operated on to remove the section of intestine where the tumors, diverticula and a polyp that they found me were, the doctors have told me that if I do not follow all the hospital care, my problem can be complicated by an infection, bleeding and even to develop cancer”, he published on his official Facebook profile.

Also known as ‘El Bronco’, the former governor was held in the Apodaca Prison on March 15, accused of abuse of power and electoral crimes; however, on May 1, he was transferred to the University Hospital for gastrointestinal problems.

Rodríguez Calderón asked the public to continue sending messages and thanked them.

“I am a good patient and I follow all your instructions, I have faith in God that everything will be fine, thank you all for your prayers, keep writing me, send me memes, it comforts me to know that you are always looking out for me, I hug you tight, your friend The Bronco”, indicates the message.



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