El Aissami: Ramírez set up a facade to commit a mega robbery

El Aissami: Ramírez set up a facade to commit a mega robbery

Oil Minister Tarek El Aissami revealed to Last News that the Atlantis Administrator never existed and branded it as “a facade” prepared by Rafael Ramírez and his accomplices that was used to simulate a supposed credit and carry out a mega robbery.

El Aissami went back to February 29, 2012, the day that Administradora Atlantic 17107 CA sent a letter to Ramírez making a “formal proposal for working capital financing for PDVSA.”

El Aissami showed the letter signed by Juan Andrés Wallis Brant, president of Administradora Atlantic. At the end of the statement and when he was about to leave the auditorium, we asked El Aissami in which projects the funds that Rafael Ramírez agreed as a loan would be used.

“It is that this was a simulation; They put together the act of the board accepting the credit and that’s it… ”, he replied. “But who brought that proposal to Ramírez? Where did that Administrator come from?” we ask. “It is that such a fund never existed, such a credit never existed. There is a company…a facade; it is a facade that was used to simulate a supposed credit”, answered El Aissami.

The Minister of Petroleum, Tarek El Aissami, denounced on Tuesday before the Public Ministry the former president of PDVSA Rafael Ramírez of having subtracted from that state company the sum of 4 thousand 850 million dollars between March 2012 and March 2013, while the then President Hugo Chavez was ill with cancer.

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