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Eight municipalities elected mayors this Sunday

Voters from eight Brazilian municipalities also elected, this Sunday (30), mayors and deputy mayors in supplementary elections. The election took place simultaneously with the national elections because those elected in the 2020 municipal elections had their mandates revoked by the Electoral Justice.Eight municipalities elected mayors this Sunday

By-elections took place in Cachoeirinha (RS), Cerro Grande (RS), Entre Rios do Sul (RS), Joaquim Nabuco (PE), Pesqueira (PE), Pinhalzinho (SP), Canoinhas (SC) and Vilhena (RO). Those elected will serve a 2-year buffer term.


In Canoinhas (SC), Juliana Maciel (PSDB) won, with 38.37% of the valid votes. In Joaquim Nabuco (PE), the elected mayor is Charles Batista, from Solidarity, with 53.83% of the valid votes.

In Vilhena (RO), the elected delegate was Flori (Podemos), with 63.14% of valid votes. In Pesqueira (PE), the new mayor is Bal de Mimoso (Republicans), who obtained 65.15% of the valid votes.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the new mayor of the municipality of Cerro Grande, elected this Sunday (30), is Álvaro (PP), with 57.53% of the valid votes. Another municipality in the same state that also elected its mayor is Entre Rios do Sul. Milani (PT), the only one to run for office, obtained 100% of the valid votes. In Cachoeira, another municipality in Rio Grande do Sul, the elected mayor is Cristian (MDB), who won 51.40% of the valid votes.

The municipality of Pinhalzinho (SP) was another one that chose mayor this Sunday, with Paulinho (PSDB) elected with 43.51% of the valid votes.

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