Egos destroy unity

September 6, 2022, 4:00 AM

September 6, 2022, 4:00 AM

In the last weeks, the polarization, confrontation and division of the nations in the world divided into two sides that apparently are irreconcilable have been mentioned; The causes are diverse, but a common denominator that predominates is the ego of the leaders or leaders of the factions, who allow themselves to be dominated by their ego until they lose the north of what they defend in the name of the people or of the most disadvantaged in society. , generating an unnecessary confrontation; this reality is common in the history of civilization, however, it was supposed that at present the institutions would help the egocentric politicians to have it more difficult to manipulate society.

In the same way, human beings have an ego that managed in a healthy way drives them to distinguish themselves from others, express ideals and act to obtain them within society, however, when it is not managed in a healthy way it can lead the person to a destructive blindness. both for the individual and their environment; therefore, when self-centeredness dominates a person who has economic or political power, the consequences have a greater range of destruction, an example of this today is Russia and Ukraine with Putin; Argentina with the current vice president and in Bolivia where within the current government party, there are political power struggles driven by the egos of the leaders; without forgetting that in Santa Cruz the leaders of the different levels of government encouraged, among other things, by the ego, they are not able to agree so as not to lose the leading role of the action in seeking the best for the department and Bolivia.

Starting from this situation, it is necessary for citizens to be aware of when the leader or director is acting for the common good or to feed his ego, and to be able to decide whether or not to support his proposals; It really is not easy to make a difference, but it is possible, because remember, dear citizens, the politician’s ego needs supporters to be fed and, seeing no supporters in his proposals, automatically changes them so as not to lose prominence, leading him to act for the good of the citizens and not for your ego or adepts.

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