Egehid announces plan for Monción dam basin

Egehid announces plan for Monción dam basin

The Dominican Hydroelectric Generation Company (Egehid) and the Board of Directors of the Mención Dam signed an agreement to work together in favor of the preservation and use of the Monción dam.

The cooperation agreement establishes that both entities will carry out joint actions to guarantee the reforestation, surveillance and care of the areas surrounding the dam and will also promote the sustainable development of the surrounding communities through fish farming and ecotourism.

This inter-institutional cooperation agreement aims to promote, develop and carry out, in a coordinated manner, reforestation activities in the Mao river basin, in its sub-basins and in others located in the Magua and Botoncillo communities, to guarantee the forest cover of the area. of influence of the Monción dam. Its purpose is to promote sustainable, coordinated and planned development in the area of ​​influence of the hydroelectric plant.

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