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“Egan is with Fico”, the cyclist made it clear who he will vote for and tells the left: “Work together to make the progress we all want”

The cyclist Egan Bernal, has commented on politics in Colombia and there the dilemma: some ask him to be careful, and others, that he should “leave them lukewarm”.

From Europe, he decided to declare through his Twitter, his clear political position, “Egan is with Fico” Gutiérrez and asked not to sow “more hatred” in the country.

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Egan Bernal has decided to put his political position ahead of the presidential elections, of course, he wrote on his Twitter: “Egan is with Fico.”

As expected, his message has gone viral and just as many applaud his public statement “without attacking anyone”, others reject his support for Fico and insults have not been lacking.

There have even been messages that detract from his sporting achievements and all his struggle and that of his family, so that he could become an elite athlete.

Egan Bernal is already in Europe training and finishing his recovery process, after the accident he suffered in Colombia a few months ago.

Before traveling, Bernal decided to talk about politics openly, unlike other athletes and public figures who have preferred to keep their intention to vote secret and not give an opinion.

He explained his reasons for giving his “vote of confidence” to the former mayor of Medellín, Federico ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez.

“Given the current situation, I think it is the most sensible thing to do. I am with the people, I come from below and I have climbed many mountains to get to where I am. And I tell you one thing, there can be no more hate,” she wrote.

In the opinion of the current champion of the Giro d’Italia, ‘Fico’ has the “ability to unite”.

  • “You cannot sow more hatred between social classes, between company-worker, for having a different way of thinking.”
  • “Many times I have publicly rejected the way in which the government has managed and treated the country.”
  • “No more hate.” She asked for sanity.

In addition, he believes he wants him to win the Presidency of Colombia and pointed out that “with the help of the left there can be the progress that we all want.”

His position assured, “it is not a matter of fanaticism”, and he recalled that “I rejected a Boyacá cross and delivered the tour shirt to Colombia without the president. So this is not fanaticism. I am not from the extreme right, nor from the extreme left. I am one more person who believes that we deserve a change.

This unexpected message from ‘Egan is with Fico’, from the also champion of a Tour de France, has opened the debate on the political position of those who have public life.

Many believe that athletes they should not commentnot because they have no right but because of the impact they generate, however, many others have also done so in support of Gustavo Petro and other candidates.

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