Edward Málaga constitutionally denounces Pedro Castillo for improper use of the presidential plane

Edward Málaga constitutionally denounces Pedro Castillo for improper use of the presidential plane

The ungrouped congressman filed a constitutional complaint against the president for improper use of the presidential plane and possible cover-up of a fugitive from justice.

According to the document filed with the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations of that State power, Castillo Terrones is accused of alleged infraction of the articles 38, 39 and 43 of the Magna Carta.

These devices refer to the duties to the nation and the constitutional principles of good public administration and separation of powers.

It should be noted that the Comptroller General of the Republic has begun to investigate the use that the government of Pedro Castillo has given this year to the flights of the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) in national territory.

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Through an official letter dated September 26, the agency informed the general commander of the FAP, Air General Alfonso Artadi, that they have appointed a team that will be in charge of collecting information on trips made at the request of the Executive. and, consequently, requests that they be provided with the appropriate facilities for the investigations.

The beginning of these actions occurs after it was announced, through the portal Liber Centerof the Press and Society Institute (IPYS), that different relatives of the president make use of the FAP flights despite the fact that they are not part of any official delegation.

In addition, the president of the Defense Commission of Congress, Diego Bazán (Avanza País), announced that on Monday, October 3, he will request the Plenary powers to investigate the use of the presidential plane and other ships of the Armed Forces in the transfer of relatives of the president.

The measure was adopted after the registration of a passenger identified as “Lay Vasquez Castillo” in the presidential delegation that traveled to the city of Chiclayo on June 23 on a FAP plane.


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