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education and employment

70% of people who accessed dual training at INEFOP entered the labor market

According to data presented by the National Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (INEFOP), during the Dual Training Network event in Uruguay, 70% of the beneficiaries of this education system between educational centers and companies are still inserted in the world of work after leaving completed the training and 60% continue in the same company. The Minister of Labor, Pablo Mieres, urged to multiply these experiences.

The director of INEFOP for the Ministry of Education and Culture, Guillermo Dutra, among other authorities, also participated in the presentation. The instance was planned by the Organization of Ibero-American States in Uruguay, INEFOP and the Anima Civil Association.

Dual training is a learning modality in which educational centers and companies share the training of young people. Mieres affirmed that it implies shortening the distance between the world of education and the world of work. According to the hierarch, the methodology allows students to apply the skills acquired in the workplace through concrete experiences.

He also argued that, to increase these instances, the commitment of companies and educational institutions is required and highlighted the presence at the event of representatives of business chambers and the union movement, as a sign of the importance of this type of education.

Likewise, he indicated that it is a first order instrument and urged to multiply the experiences and generate a harmony with the process of educational transformation, focused on the development of competencies and abilities.

Dutra, meanwhile, assured that, nine months after finishing the internship, 70% of the young beneficiaries continue working and 60% do so in the same company. Likewise, 70% remain in the same professional category. The data comes from the labor monitor of the Center for Development Studies (CED), Buscojobs Uruguay and Equipos Consultores.

The INEFOP director reported that the organization closed 2022 with 57,000 people involved in training activities, which required an investment of 30 million dollars. Some 40,000 completed them and 42% are applying what they have learned in their workplace.

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