Eduardo Ponce Vivanco on the governor of Puno: "There is a crime of secession and treason against the homeland"

Eduardo Ponce Vivanco on the governor of Puno: “There is a crime of secession and treason against the homeland”

After knowing the new interference of in our country by trying to annex -through its governor- to his political project , former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, calls on President Boluarte to establish a position of rejection.

The governor of Puno wants his region to be part of Evo Morales’ Runasur. What does he think?

It is absolute insolence, what we are seeing is unacceptable. The governor of Puno deserves the worst qualifications because he is not only committing the crime of secession, but he is going further, this is treason. He wants to separate Puno from the country and is fully in cahoots with Evo Morales. They want to project this throughout the south, they want to resume the idea of ​​the Peru-Bolivia Confederation. This must deserve rigorous punishment from the central government, a powerful voice from the Foreign Ministry and the voices of protest from Congress.

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Why would Evo Morales be interested in dismembering our country?

La Runasur is the personal project of Evo Morales, it has already been rejected by a group of former foreign ministers and vice foreign ministers, it is based on plurinationality. I am sure that Arequipa does not want to be part of this, nor does Tacna or Cusco. Evo Morales launched this idea from Buenos Aires months ago, and it was totally rejected. This did not happen and Morales has been declared persona non grata by the Peruvian Congress. What Evo is trying to do is completely contrary to the idea of ​​a free and independent sovereign nation such as Peru. It’s crazy.

What measures can the Peruvian State take in the face of these interferences?

In the first place, the ambassador of our country in Bolivia, Carina Palacios, should have resigned as soon as the government changed and when she did not do so, the Foreign Ministry had to remove her. We must not forget that she was an official in Junín when she was in charge of Vladimir Cerrón. I believe that President Boluarte should establish a position on this matter, not only at the Foreign Ministry level but also at the level of the Presidency of the Republic itself.


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