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November 2, 2022
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Eduardo Pérez Rocha on Willy Huerta: “He is not qualified to be a minister”

Eduardo Pérez Rocha on Willy Huerta: "He is not qualified to be a minister"

For former director of the the interior minister he lacks the truth when he talks about who is responsible for the search and capture of the fugitive .

Is Minister Huerta lying when he says that the search for Juan Silva depends only on the special team?

Minister Willy Huerta is unaware of the PNP law and is unaware of the functions that correspond to the institution where he is the immediate boss. He indicates that only and exclusively the special team that is led by prosecutor Marita Barreto is in charge of the search, location and capture of these former officials who are on the run like Juan Silva. However, the law of the PNP is very clear. He indicates that we have the Judicial and Requisition Police as the specialized unit to comply with judicial orders and those of the Public Ministry. Harvey Colchado is in charge of the General Directorate of Internal Intelligence. So it’s not an exclusive feature just for the power research team; this is something that does not fit the truth. Minister Huerta hides the most important thing; that he has cut 25% of Harvey Colchado’s budget and, not having it, he cannot fully comply with the tasks that are being imposed on him.

LOOK: Minister Huerta on the capture of Juan Silva: “It depends on the Special Team”

What do you think that Huerta has hired a former Minsa official linked to the ‘smurf’ case?

It seems that having a record and poor performances at the national level is a credit to them. What Minister Huerta is doing is complying with what is ordered by the person in charge of “the criminal organization” who is the President of the Republic. There is no need to guess anything else. The most interesting of all is that Mariano González was sacked because he had not presented a plan to reduce crime. This minister already has more than two months and is worse. At least, Mariano had coordination with the Public Ministry. This gentleman is not qualified to be Minister of the Interior.


Collaborator affirms that Vladimir Cerrón is paid as an advisor to the DINI

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