Edomex and Coahuila deadlines put pressure on Va Por México;  Morena already arms equipment

Edomex and Coahuila deadlines put pressure on Va Por México; Morena already arms equipment

What will be the selection method for the alliance?

The political scientist Ángel Ávila said that his party will ask PAN members and PRI members to build a method that allows defining the most competitive candidacy in both states, a situation that must be defined before next January 14.

At an express question, he denied that there could be a rupture between the members of the alliances.

“The lessons that the last elections in Durango (where the PRI member Esteban Villegas won, in an entity governed by the PAN) and Aguascalientes (with Tere Jiménez, from the PAN) have given us, is that going with the most competitive candidate, augurs us a triumph.

“That is what we would be requesting and demanding: go with the most competitive in the State of Mexico and Coahuila, because an imposition would weaken the coalition,” he recommends.

Ávila, interim former president of the Aztec sun, stressed that the pre-candidates who are not elected will join the candidacy of whoever leads the coalition.

He stated that these alliances and election methods of the candidates in the State of Mexico and Coahuila will help to work in the same direction by 2024.

“Always with the premise of going with the most competitive candidacy because, obviously, we are going to face a state election by Morena, where the President of the Republic (Andrés Manuel López Obrador), will improperly intervene in the elections as He did it in 2021, in the revocation of the mandate and he will continue to do so,” he said.

PAN, PRI and PRD will reach agreements

Regarding the method of election, the PAN representative before the General Council of the INE, Víctor Hugo Sondón, says he has no doubt that the parties will agree to register both the coalition and to designate the method of selection of him or the candidate who will represent the coalition both in the State of Mexico and in Coahuila.

Even, he said, there have been coalitions that register, missing even ten minutes before the deadline established by the electoral authority.

“The leaders (of the PAN, PRI and PRD) continue to sit down, exploring all these details (of the candidate selection method). I know that they are still sitting down, I know that they continue to refine details, but I am sure that they will do so shortly, ”he said.

The former local PAN representative agreed with Ávila Romero in the sense that in the two entities in dispute, the same candidate selection method will be followed as was done in Durango and Aguascalientes, which led to the victory of the PRI member Esteban Villegas and the PAN member Tere Jimenez.

In addition, the result of the survey or the method chosen at the end for the appointment of the candidate, the good reputation of the person who will represent the alliance will be taken into account.

“In both cases, some variant that has to do with the political culture of each state will be sought. Surely, it will have to be analyzed if it is a survey, the previous approved results of the last gubernatorial election. There are several criteria that can be considered, including the very profile of the person who is going to lead the coalition, ”he said.

“It will not only be defined by the electoral results of this or that political party. We can also define that someone who does not enjoy an appropriate prestige, with an adequate moral quality to compete, cannot be the candidate of a coalition, at least in the case of the PAN. It does have to enjoy a good reputation and prestige.”

Sondón believes that there are no risks in the Mexican entity, since the three candidates –Vargas, Del Moral and Ortega– have prestige. And about the Coahuila standard bearers, he reserved his opinion, since there are still no fully defined candidates.

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