Regime captures former ambassador Edgar Parrales

Edgard Parrales before an Ortega judge: “The person responsible for the tragedy that Nicaragua is experiencing today is called Daniel Ortega”

The justice of the Ortega regime declared guilty the former diplomat and prisoner of conscience, Edgard Parrales, in a hearing held at the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ), El Chipote. The Police transferred Parrales from his house – where he remains under house arrest – to jail, put him in a cell, put him in prison uniform and tied his hands with bridles, reported the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh). ).

The Prosecutor’s Office aligned with the Ortega regime requested eight years in prison for the former diplomat and the sentencing will be read on May 5. In the trial, in charge of the judicial Nadia Camila Tardencilla Rodríguez, head of the Second Criminal District Court of Managua, Parrales participated as a witness and made it clear that “the person responsible for the tragedy in Nicaragua is Daniel Ortega.” “It was a chair of law, diplomacy, dignity and courage where he demonstrated his innocence,” Cenidh said through his Twitter account.

“I am innocent. I am endorsed by a history of life and commitment in the defense of Nicaragua, specifically, before the OAS. The person responsible for the tragedy that Nicaragua is experiencing today is called Daniel Ortega. I accuse Daniel Ortega,” said the former diplomat and prisoner of conscience in the trial, Cenidh reported.

Parrales, 79, has been under house arrest since February 25, after three months of confinement in El Chipote, which exacerbated his pre-existing health problems. The former Nicaraguan representative to the Sandinista government’s Organization of American States (OAS) in the 1980s is accused of “conspiring to undermine national integrity” and “spreading false news.”

On Monday, November 22, 2021, he was captured by civilians and transferred to El Chipote, as part of the latest wave of repression by the Ortega regime against political and civic leaders, who question his illegitimacy in power. His case is added to 52 other prisoners of conscience captured during 2021, most of whom were convicted during the first quarter of 2022 for “undermining national integrity” and “spreading false news.”

Some thirty opposition, civic, peasant and student leaders are serving their sentences, after judicial processes riddled with irregularities, in El Chipote under torture and isolation.

High health risk

Since his capture, the former diplomat’s family has expressed fear that his health will worsen, since Parrales requires a specialized colonoscopy because he has chronic digestive problems. Ten years ago they removed his large intestine, he has diverticulitis and a hernia.

The Ortega regime announced the change of precautionary measure – from prison to house arrest – arguing humanitarian reasons, but did not provide a report on the health of the prisoner of conscience.

On April 4, the Cenidh warned that “house arrest is not a guarantee of health and life for Dr. Edgard Parrales”, since the judge does not authorize the entry of his doctors to provide him with adequate treatment and carry out tests. that “guarantee your life”.

“Dr. Edgard Parrales is in danger. We demand that the Ortega Murillo regime release him immediately, before the damage is irreparable, if he does not do so and does not allow specialized medical attention, he will be responsible for what may happen to him, ”said the human rights organization.

After the death of retired Brigadier General Hugo Torres, 73, as a political prisoner of the regime, relatives and human rights organizations have demanded the urgent release of political prisoners, subjected to torture, isolation, hunger and cold. They added that while they remain in prison, their rights must be respected. At the same time, they have demanded a change in the prison regime, especially for those over 60 because of the health risk involved in prison.

On February 19, the regime sent political prisoners Arturo Cruz, 68, home to prison; Francisco Aguirre Sacasa, 77; and José Pallais Arana, 68; all of them convicted of “conspiracy to undermine national integrity.” Shortly thereafter, Parrales and fellow former diplomat and political prisoner Mauricio Díaz Dávila, 71, were placed under house arrest.

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