Edgar Salazar: "The one who is violating their human rights is Mrs. Carvajal herself"

Edgar Salazar: "The one who is violating their human rights is Mrs. Carvajal herself"

July 14, 2023, 5:15 PM

July 14, 2023, 5:15 PM

Amparo Carvajal is delicate and dehydratedinformed his doctor, Víctor López, who this Friday went up to the terrace, where the president of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdh) remains in vigil for three nights. However, the demand to recover the property from the Apdh exceeds 40 days. Activists accompany, from the street, the vigil of Amparo Carvajal.

Meanwhile, Édgar Salazar, from the parallel organization that took over the Apdh building, pointed out that they reiterate their decision to go to the dialogue to resolve conflictand asked to celebrate it at the Ombudsman’s Office.

The doctor López indicated that Carvajal he didn’t let me check it outand that he will not do so until he can enter through the main door, as ordered by Judge Javier Peñaranda, this Wednesday, when he ruled in favor of the activist and allowed be seen by your trusted doctor and ordered that you not be denied the use of servicessuch as bathroom and access to water. However, this is not happening, according to his doctor.

“If necessary, he will offer his life for human rights”, quoted Carvajal, and asked that the freedom action, which was favorable to him, be fulfilled. The doctor indicated that he will see the octogenarian activist again.

The Ministry of Health issued a statement to indicate that a medical team led by them sought to assess the state of health of Carvajal, but that it was not possible: “due to the fact that groups of people, who supported Ms. Carvajal, did not allow it to be carried out, on the contrary, the aforementioned authorities received attacks.”

Meanwhile, the lawyers de Carvajal presented a complaint against Remberto Cruz, supposed vice president of the parallel organization that took over the offices of the Apdh. Lawyer Ricardo Rodríguez told the La Paz media that Cruz will be denounced for psychological violence and torture, against Carvajal. He recalled that the judge ordered the cessation of the harassment and threats to Carvajal, as well as that he be allowed access to the bathroom and use water, which is not fulfilled.

For his part, another of the lawyers, Jorge Valda, told Cadena A that there is police surveillance of Amparo Carvajal, but not the 15 young people who are inside the occupied offices. According to Valda, early this Friday morning eight patrols, 60 policemen at the front door, and 32 at the back door of the building they were kept in custody of the activist.

For his part, from Sucre, Édgar Salazar, leader of the parallel institution, which took over the building of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights, on Av. 6 de Agosto in La Paz, argued that was not notified about the release action last Wednesday the 12th and that he could not have harassed Carvajal, because he was in Sucre.

However, he indicated that It is Carvajal herself who puts her health at risk and your life, so filed an injunction.

“We have presented two memorials, a precautionary measure to the fourth constitutional chamber to protect the life and health of Mrs. Carvajal, since, By your own decision, you are putting your health and life at risk. It is she who has decided to climb a ladder to the terrace. Obviously We believe that the one who is violating their human rights is Mrs. Carvajal”, argued Salazar.

He also maintained that the executive committee of the institution he leads “has reiterated the possibility of sitting down to talk with Mrs. Carvajal,” and indicated that he requested the support of the Ombudsman to intervene. She argued that due to the restrictive measures that exist against you and in relation to Carvajal, he cannot approach the place, for which they ask: “the neutral venue, such as the Ombudsman’s Office, to be able to dialogue and resolve our conflicts internally”.

In the same way, he pointed out: “We hope that this reflection exists, on the part of Mrs. Carvajal, and we sit down to talk.”

The mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias, affirmed that with the neighborhood councils, that Municipality has offered a physical space for the offices to function of the Apdh, which would have been communicated to Carvajal, but that this is a decision that depends on her. Arias questioned whether the message of this conflict is that whoever has power can do whatever they want.

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