Édgar Ortiz treats Concertación leaders as “donkeys”

Édgar Ortiz, deputy for the Liberal Party (PLRA), affirmed that it was a “burrística” decision of the leaders of his party, to enlarge the national register during the next internal elections.

“It was a decision made by unintelligent men. Instead of having 10 board members per district, we will have 40 to 50,” she commented.

He regretted that now, the ANR will do the same. He also questioned the need for a second round to define the winning presidential tag since this will imply more expenses.

“We quadrupled our costs. How are we going to bring all these people? Efraín will surely use embezzled money to transport those people. Do you believe that colorados will vote in our internal ones, ”he said.

He finally predicted the bankruptcy of all those who are on the national register if this path continues.

“Double election, double expenses, we are going to arrive in very bad conditions at the general elections, which will ensure defeat,” he concluded.

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