Edesur capacita a clientes para uso eficiente energía

Edesur trains clients for efficient energy use

The Southern Electricity Distributor (Edesur) has trained 47,000 clients in the efficient use and saving of energy, as a way of raising awareness about the electricity consumptionso that this impacts the domestic economy and the environment.

According to the administrator of Edesur, Milton MorrisonIn total, the company has given 1,126 educational talks in the territory under its responsibility, including one in sign language held at the Santa Rosa de Lima Institute for Helping the Deaf and Mute, which was attended by 40 members of the National Association of the Deaf of the Dominican Republic (Ansordo).

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“Edesur has a high social responsibility; That is why we are raising awareness by educating our customers with talks on efficient use and saving of energy, prevention of domestic electrical accidents, consequences of illegal connections, how to read the bill and calculate electricity consumption, classification of electrical appliances, and the Teleconsumo service”, explained Morrison.

These 1,126 educational talks they have been taught through the Social Management Department in schools, colleges, community spaces, churches and foundations,

As part of its good inclusion practices, the Dominican distributor added sign language interpretation to its educational talks.

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