Edesur restores services in affected sectors

Edesur restores services in affected sectors

Seven circuits were left without energy service at dawn this Saturday after an explosion of a voltage transformer, affecting more than 100,000 users in the concession area of Dominican Edesur.

“At 3:15 am supervising the work at the slaughterhouse electrical substation with which we are going to restore service to 29,229 customers. Congratulate the technicians of the Dominican Electric Transmission Company (ETED) and Edesur for their great work and vocation of service”, expressed through twitter the general manager of EdesurMilton Morrison.

The executive also oversaw the Operations Center, which has with 69,563 clients and Herrera with 36,735 clients.

After the work, the company Dominican Edesur reported that a failure was resolved in the high voltage transmission part, belonging to the company ETEDwhich affected seven of its substations, and left thousands of its customers, belonging to some 50 circuits, without electricity this morning.

After supervising the work this morning and taking a tour of several of the affected substations, the general administrator Milton Morrison communicated in his Twitter account twitter “that the works were completed in the seven electrical substationswhich were already supplying energy to all customers of Edesur affected.

The official indicated that around 1:00 in the morning this Saturday there was a failure in the upper part of the transmission voltagecausing the substations to output:

  • Slaughterhouse
  • UASD
  • Ambassador
  • The Prades
  • herrera
  • Bojos Granite
  • Operations Center

Milton Morrison also reported that the work to solve this eventuality was done jointly between technicians from the companies Edesur and ETED, whom he congratulated for their great work and commitment to service.

Cause of failure

The event involved an explosion of a voltage transformer (PT) in the disconnector of Coupling at 138 kV of the Matadero Substation.

Caused the trip or automatic opening that affected several lines of ETED transmission to 138 kV and 69 kV, and some generators.

The service was restored through maneuvers in a very fast time due to the magnitude of the event, three hours.

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