Edeeste works to restore Gascue substation service

Edeeste works to restore Gascue substation service

The Eastern Electricity Distribution Company (Edeeast) reported early this Tuesday that its technical staff is working to restore “as soon as possible” all the circuits affected by the fire this Monday at the César Nicolás Penson Electrical Substation, in Gascue, of the National District.

In a press release, it indicated that it supplies energy to most of the affected circuits and carries out the transfer of load from the substation of the University Zone to supply the area of ​​the Government Offices.

It also coordinates studies with other companies to supply the remaining circuits to be energized.

Also, staff of Edeeast is decoupling the failed transformer from the 138 kilovolt (Kv) line and proceeding to assess the “apparently available” 50 megavolt-ampere (MVA) transformer.

Nine circuits were affected by the fire. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

It also works to locate the damaged cells in its warehouses, in order to transfer what is necessary to the damaged substation.

Other works

Likewise, it enables a reservation building to install the new cells and establish the exit route of the nine circuits that leave this substation. “For this, 14 coils of 500 meters of URD cable are needed for international supply,” he explained.

Edeeast He said that he also does everything possible to transfer loads for a total of 20 MW.

“With this, 20 more would be missing until the apparently available transformer is repaired, a unique job that will not stop until it is finished,” he said.

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He said that, on the other hand, he is making preparations for the construction of two gantries, with the aim of pulling the aerial cables from the available transformer to the building where the new cells will be installed.

Edeeast requested the understanding of the affected clients, while guaranteeing the population that it carries out all the necessary actions and that they are in their power to solve this eventuality as soon as possible.

Circuits belonging to the damaged substation

  • The César Nicolás Penson Electrical Substation has nine circuits with the following distribution:

  • Circuit one: Option National Palace and Gascue

  • Circuit two: Minerd and its surroundings and partial Gascue

  • Circuits three-four: Government Offices, Miraflores sector, which includes Rehabilitation and Red Cross, San Rafael Insurance

  • Circuit five: feeds partial Villa Juana and Digesett

  • Circuit six: Palacio and Don Bosco Government Offices

  • Circuit seven: Alimenta Palacio Nacional, Telemicro and Claro Circuit eight: Alimenta Sambil

  • Circuit Nine: Feeds part of Gascue

The fire

The fire was immediately put out by firefighters and, so far, only material losses have been recorded in relation to it.

Edeeast He said that after the firefighters conclude the investigation at the scene of the incident, they will proceed with the technical evaluations that this case requires.

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