Edeeste begins rehabilitation of networks in Los Sosa, Bayaguana

Edeeste begins rehabilitation of networks in Los Sosa, Bayaguana

A delegation from the Eastern Electricity Distribution Company (edeast) moved to the province mount silver to deliver the network rehabilitation work in the Los Sosa area, belonging to the Mata Santiago section, municipality bayaguana.

According to a press release, the delegation visited the Town Hall of the head municipality of mount silverwhere he met with Mayor Altagracia Herrera and local leaders to listen to their concerns and needs in energy matters.

The team led by the general manager of edeast, Andres Portes, entered into support and intervention agreements in each of the communities of these users, so that edeast go to the rescue of each one of them.

“In the zone of mount silver there is a special situation that we must investigate at the network level, we are very concerned and we are going to take an action that will put an end to solving all these problems. They should even know that there is one that is related to the climate,” the official declared.

After the meeting in the town hall, the team of edeast He moved to Los Sosa, where he inaugurated the network rehabilitation project, of great importance for residents who, throughout their lives, had not received quality, reliable and sustained electricity.

In that town, Portes and his team also met with community leaders from the El Cercado and El Puerto areas, whom they listened to talk about their needs. Immediately, they promised to continue working and respond to each of the commitments assumed by the official and accompanying persons on behalf of edeast.

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The engineers participated in the meeting: José Santana, provincial manager of Breakdowns and who organized the activity; Carlos Pérez, in charge of Maintenance at mount silver; José Féliz and Vladimir Díaz, Maintenance supervisors in the province, and Jimmy Leiva, Network Maintenance supervisor.

The tour included a visit by the general manager and his team to the company’s offices in mount silveras part of his agenda for the province.

The official was accompanied by: the engineer Príamo Feliz, director of Distribution of edeast; engineer Franklin Minyety, commercial director of the company; Anyely González, Director of Communication and Public Relations, among others.

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