Economy files complaint for alleged fraud in support of SMEs

Economy files complaint for alleged fraud in support of SMEs

The agency explained that it filed a complaint for an investigation to be carried out for the possible commission of a crime, this after it was detected that the holders of 14 CURPs (unique population registry key) “would have died before the processing of the request for support.

The amount for these 14 supports, represents 0.02% of the total credits, amounts to 350,000 pesos

“The Ministry of Economy has already informed the Central Administrator of Tax Services for Taxpayers of the SAT of these facts, in addition to requesting the General Directorate of the Civil Registry, in Mexico City, information regarding the 14 CURPs identified, to know if there is any record that can corroborate the death of its owners, ”said the agency.

All applicants for support, Economy explained, provided their data and uploaded information to the system, ending with the use of the current electronic signature, which authenticated the legitimate applicant and replaced the autograph signature.

In addition, for the modalities of compliant companies and solidary women, proof of tax status and positive compliance opinion were requested, among other procedures.

The Productive Development Unit of the SE, which operates the support program for microenterprises, systematically validated the data provided by the applicants with the SAT records, among other sources.

By displaying the documents with the required validity, Economy highlighted in the statement, it was learned that the applicant’s status was active before the SAT, that he was in compliance with his tax obligations, the status of his RFC, his location at his tax domicile and They did not have tax credits. This made it possible to apply for a subsidy.

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