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Economic projections for 2023

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In 2023 the country's economy would go down and without a parachute

With an economic growth projected between 0.5% and 1.3% by the Bank of the Republic and the Government, respectively, the country is preparing to start a year 2023 that will be very challenging not only for the Executive but for all the agents economic.

In the first place, although inflation will no longer be at the historic levels of the century that it reached in 2022, it will continue to be the key indicator that will set the course for interest rates, which according to experts will see a very gradual decline over time. throughout the year that is about to begin.

Under this scenario of economic slowdown, the country will have to address two key reforms that were already announced by the Gustavo Petro administration: pension and labor.

This together with the Development Plan and the adjustments that are to be made in the health system, which, like the first two, already generate concern among experts and analysts. In terms of economic activity, commerce and industry expect a much slower rate because consumers will prioritize their spending, although household consumption will continue to boost GDP, but at a slower rate. Even a drop in home sales is expected.

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