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Economic measures: “A rescue to Marito who is less loved than Lucifer”

In the opinion of the economist Pablo Herken, the economic measures announced by the Government for the second semester are “more of the same” with respect to what was already being had and also with a “trap” that implies greater indebtedness.

“What the president and the Economic Team presented today is not a plan, it is a sheet of notes in pencil,” analyzed the economist Pablo Herken, in conversation with the GEN channel of Nación Media.

Herken indicated that there is no certainty that work was done on the product delivered this Wednesday by the Executive. “Everything was verbal and was done more than anything to rescue a Marito less loved than Lucifer,” he specified,

Likewise, he pointed out that the announced measures are “more of the same” with the occasional addition. “It really is a hoax. The order was to present something that allows Marito to soften his terrible image, “he stressed.

He explained that the Executive speaks of some 1,200 million dollars for public investment, but that in the best of cases 50% will be executed with debts already committed and focused on a large percentage in the construction of routes, while in Congress there are other 400 million dollars in loans that are pending approval.

“The same error is insisted on in believing that the road works are the ones that are going to reactivate the economy. That is totally false. That’s the catch. More debts, more public works to pay road companies and almost nothing to worry about health and education”, insisted Herken.

In addition, he was categorical in saying that it is impossible to recover the economy in 6 months, due to the level of inflation, poverty and low income currently recorded.

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