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Economía raised $320,000 million and closed a 521% refinancing in December

Economy obtained 165,866 million pesos through the placement of three bonds

In January it will have to face maturities with the private sector for 0,000 million / Photo: Street View

The National Treasury awarded $326,610 million in the bidding this Wednesday, almost 10 times higher than expected, and closed December with net financing of approximately $700,000 million, equivalent to 521% of the month’s maturities, reported the Ministry of Economy.

In total, 1,426 offers were received for VNO $606,982 million, of which a VNO of $411,969 million was awarded, which represents an effective value of $326,610 million.

Three instruments were offered in the tender: a Lelite maturing on January 20, 2023, exclusively for Mutual Investment Funds; a discount bill (S28A3 -reopening-) and a new one (S31Y3) was issued with maturities in April and May 2023, respectively.

“The financing obtained was represented entirely by fixed-rate instruments maturing in 2023,” Economía highlighted.

In this tender, the National Treasury faced maturities for $62,685 million, obtaining monthly net financing of close to $700,000 million.

Within the Market Makers Program, this will be the Second Roundwhere bids can be received and awarded for up to 20% of the total face value awarded in this Wednesday’s tender.

The next tender will take place on Wednesday, January 18, according to the preliminary schedule of tenders for the first half of 2023.

Two weeks ago, Economy obtained some 815,000 million that allowed it to add fiscal room for maneuver in the last month of the yearhistorically with higher public spending and, at the same time, avoid resorting to issuing money to cover debt payments or finance year-end expenses.

In January it will have to face maturities with the private sector for $600,000 million, out of a total of $1.1 trillion.

In February, maturities with the private sector reached $800,000 million, according to private estimates.

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