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Ecological cleaning for tourism and the village without basic cleaning products

MADRID, Spain.- The Suchel Proquimia joint venture, specialized in cleaning and disinfection, develops an ecological range of products for sanitizing tourist facilities.

The articles will be destined for rooms, laundries, swimming pools and kitchens, he specified to the Cuban News Agency (ACN) the representative of the branch in Matanzas, Fanny Pérez Sorí.

“These products are cheaper than other production lines, including packaging,” said the directive; and also clarified that the lower cost “does not threaten the safety of the products that make up the EcoConpack range”.

The articles “have been tested and certified based on the current ISO standard,” he specified.

Pérez Sorí also pointed out that the concentrated detergent for laundry from this line is already being used in the Servisa tourist services company from Matanzas. As well as descalers for bathrooms, anti-limescale gel and polishing detergent have been tested at the Iberostar Selection Varadero hotel.

Suchel Proquimia ensures the sustained production of hydroalcoholic gels for hand disinfection and maintains stability in the delivery of detergents and degreasers with antibacterial properties for the sanitization of kitchens and bathrooms in hotels and other tourist facilities, he added.

Crisis with toiletries in Cuba

For the past year, the Cuban government has been reporting on arrears in the production of toiletries that are sold to the population through the standardized family basket (supply booklet).

The Cuban population has to buy these products on the black market, where a soap can cost up to 50 pesos and a toothpaste 300. The stores in national currency are out of stock. While in the slightly more stocked stores in MLC, Cubans with access to hard currency have to stand in long lines.

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