Ecointensa: Do you know what COP 27 is?

Ecointensa: Do you know what COP 27 is?

Ecointensa: Do you know what COP 27 is?


COP means “Conference of the Parties” and is the supreme decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change signed in 1992 at the Rio Summit. For this reason, the signatory countries of this convention participate in the COPs.

These sessions began in 1995 and are held annually, always based in different countries around the world. This year the twenty-seventh edition will be held and it will take place in Egypt.

There are two COPs that have established global agreements with specific emission reduction targets:

The first was COP3, 1997, which gave rise to the Kyoto Protocol, and the second was COP21, 2015, where the Paris Agreement was held, which established a limit to global temperature rise of no more than 2°C. by the end of this century, with respect to the pre-industrial era, making an effort not to exceed one and a half degrees of increase.

This year, the focus will be, on the one hand, on mitigation, that is, on the measures to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, since if we continue to emit at the rate we are doing, the increase in temperature will be 3.6° compared to pre-industrial values.

Likewise, another focus will be the loss and damage agenda and the Santiago Network. The latter was created at COP25 to promote and facilitate technical assistance to the most vulnerable countries affected by climate change. From this, it seeks to address the losses and damages related to climate change in developing countries.

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