Eating out, among the expenses that women cut

Eating out, among the expenses that women cut

With a world panorama devastated by the war between Russia and Ukraine and high inflation, which hits the products of the family basket, the cost of living in recent months has increased significantly, greatly affecting the economy of many women in the region.

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This was evidenced in the most recent study presented by the Avon and Gentedemente brand, which It was developed in Colombia Argentina, Chile, Peru and Mexico, and in which 2,667 women participated.

Among the main findings, it stood out that the 73% of the women surveyed consider that the situation in their country has worsened, just over half of them (54%) considered that their personal situation is also worse compared to the previous year.
In addition, 39% of the respondents stated that “when the cost of living increases, what they abandon the most are eventual expenses and personal expenses.” 18% said that when prices increase, spending on children and the home decreases frequently, “but they don’t stop doing it.”

For their part, 23% of Colombian women said they were better off financially than before, compared to the average in other countries. Likewise, 40% of those surveyed said that they abandoned their eventual expenses, while 30% said that they abandoned personal expenses. “Activities such as eating out, going to the movies, going to the theater, taking trips, buying gifts or shoes, and spending on hairdressing were the most abandoned by Colombians. Meanwhile, it is evident that the expenses of schools/universities and studies of their children is something that 26% of them would not change”, the report stated.

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Regarding the purchase of care and beauty products, as well as the attitude towards direct sales brands, it stood out that in Colombia the purchase decision for 65% of the women consulted is driven by the ingredients of cosmetic products to determine whether or not they are of good quality, while 38% of them related a higher cost of products to better quality.

As for cheap brand products, 30% of Colombians assured that they provide the same results as the most expensive ones. Likewise, 89% of women considered that these products have a quality just as good as those they buy in stores.”the study noted.

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