Easter duo Sena draws prize of R$ 30 million

Easter duo Sena draws prize of R$ 30 million

Players have until 19:00 (Brasília time) to today (16) to bet on the Easter Dupla Sena. The Caixa Loterias’ first special contest of the year has an estimated prize pool of R$30 million and does not accumulate.Easter duo Sena draws prize of R$ 30 million

Bets can be placed at lottery houses accredited by Caixa throughout the country and also through the portal www.loteriasonline.caixa.gov.br or through the Caixa Loterias app.

The draw for the Dupla Sena contest 2,355 will be held at 20:00 (Brasília time) at Espaço da Sorte, on Avenida Paulista nº 750, in the capital. The raffle to haveThe live broadcast of Loterias Caixa on Facebook and Caixa channel on YouTube will be broadcast live on social media.

According to Caixa, if no one hits the six tens, the prize will be divided among those who hit the corner, and so on. If only one player hits the tens and applies the entire value of the prize to savings, he would earn BRL 192,600 in the first month.

This is the friday edition of the Dupla Sena special contest. The biggest prize of the modality was R$ 31.4 million in 2021. Four bets from Belém (PA), Bauru (SP), Guarulhos (SP) and São Paulo (SP) hit the six dozen and shared the main prize.

how to bet

With just one Dupla Sena ticket, the player has twice the chance: there are two draws per contest and wins by hitting 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers in the first and/or second draws. The player must choose from 6 to 15 numbers from the 50 available.

The price of the single bet, with six numbers, is R$ 2.50. In lottery shops, bets can be made either on the special contest steering wheel or on the regular Dupla Sena steering wheel. The bettor also has the option of requesting the Surprise at the terminal.

Easter duo cake

To increase the chances of winning, bettors can participate in sweepstakes. Just form a group, choose the bet numbers, mark the amount of odds and register at any lottery. When registered in the system, the bet generates a quota receipt for each participant who, in the event of a prize, can redeem their share individually.

The bettor can also purchase shares of pools organized by the lottery. Just ask the attendant for the number of shares you want and save the receipt to check the bet on the day of the draw. In this case, an additional service fee of up to 35% of the quota value may be charged, at the discretion of the lottery company.

At Dupla Sena, pools have a minimum price of R$10. Each share cannot be less than R$2.50. It is possible to make a pool of at least two and a maximum of 50 shares. A maximum of ten bets per pool is allowed. In the case of a pool with more than one bet, they must contain the same number of prediction numbers.

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