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Each party of the Guasu Front will decide whether or not to continue in the Concertación

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The Guasu Front held a table of presidents on Monday afternoon to define whether or not they continue in the National Agreement. The conclusion reached by the participants was that each party will choose between three paths, one is to continue within the opposition bloc; the second way is to go with your own badge, and the third option is to ally yourself with Euclides Acevedo, former Minister of the Interior. Each party will make a decision and within three months they will evaluate whether to continue with that plan or change to another depending on which presidential candidate is better positioned.

Sixto Pereira, national senator of the Guasu Front and president of the Tekojoja party, affirmed that they have discussed the political situation and the first thing they decided was to continue maintaining unity. “We are going to fight over our parliamentary list and the agreements for deputation, council and governorships,” he said.

Regarding the note presented by Efraín Alegre, president of the Liberal Party (PLRA), where they accept all the government proposals of the Guasu Front, in exchange for them remaining within the Coalition, Pereira affirmed that they studied the note and that each party will discuss it. “Unity means agreements on health and education, on that basis all initiatives on agreements that allow better living conditions for the population are welcome,” he said.

Esperanza Martínez, a national senator for the Guasu Front, and president of the Citizen Participation party, affirmed for her part that some parties see exiting the Coalition as the best option and others do not. “These three proposals are still under debate, tomorrow (for today) we have the meeting with the ñemongeta, now we want to continue working on the unitary lists and finish preparing the procedures,” she commented.

The legislator informed that they will work together in defense of the programmatic line, as well as the national and departmental lists. “We are going to make a joint work table to position our candidacies, support our colleagues and support each other among the national and departmental lists,” she informed.

He said that on the other hand, parties of the Guasu Front define the Concertación as a space for construction, while others suggest that a party’s own list should be created and a third branch that is building and talking with Euclides for a sheet metal option.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the presidents of the parties of the Guasu Front, together with other progressive parties that make up the Ñemongeta, will hold a meeting where they will also analyze which of the branches they will follow in the face of the next elections. The Ñemongeta is made up of five parties; Paraguay Teko Pyahu, Paraguay Pyahura, Communist Party, Kuña Pyrenda and the independent left.

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