During the first day of collecting signatures to revoke Fábrega’s mandate, 3,920 were obtained

The Electoral Court of Panama (TE) presented this Thursday the updated figures until April 20, 2022 of the total number of signatures for the request to revoke the mandate against the capital’s mayor José Luis Fábrega, on its first day of commencement.

The entity confirmed in this report that 3,920 signatures were collected, of which they detail 3,734 signatures were given at the User Service Center (CAU), 8 through the APP, 112 at the Kiosks and at the Headquarters 66 were captured. firms.

In addition, the TE indicated that they received a total of 13,471 calls in the CAU on the first day; 1,796 were averaged per hour; they counted 5,606 as successful calls; and 7,865 calls were abandoned.

It should be remembered that for this request to revoke the mandate to be possible, the Electoral Court gave a period of 120 days to collect 198,920 signatures of support from people who are registered in the electoral roll in the last elections and who are voters of the capital district.

Those who wish to sign this request may do so through the following mechanisms: signing through the Tribunal Contigo website, multi-service kiosks, and software installed on activist cell phones to capture people.

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