Durango "conjures" risks due to budget issue heading to elections, says the INE

Durango “conjures” risks due to budget issue heading to elections, says the INE

Córdova Vianello said at a press conference in that entity that the electoral authorities work with those responsible for security in the country.

In such a way that “the channels are oiled so that the necessary measures can be taken and guarantee the context of public peace that is essential for the election to take place. Today we do not have a risk in that sense”.

24 days before the electoral day in which the governorship and 39 municipal presidencies will be renewed, he assured that “the electoral process is going and it is going very well. All the activities, both of the INE and of the Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute of Durango, are being carried out on time”.

Regarding the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP), Córdova explained that progress is being made in its creation, design and implementation according to schedule.

In addition, he noted that thanks to the Quick Count, around 10:00 at night on the day of the election “it will be possible to have certain, official data that, although they are not yet legal, because the legislation establishes it, they will be able to inject certainty and legitimacy in the results of the gubernatorial election”, which will be announced by the local Institute.

In addition to Durango, on June 5 the states of Aguascalientes, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas will renew their governorships.

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