Duque congratulated those who produced 'Palpito' for Netflix and actress Andrea Guzmán recalled that "we have no royalties"

Duque congratulated those who produced ‘Palpito’ for Netflix and actress Andrea Guzmán recalled that “we have no royalties”

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The president “brought out his chest” for the achievement of this Colombian production and the actress questioned it.

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The most watched series at the moment on the Netflix streaming platform is the Colombian production “Palpito”, starring Colombians Ana Lucía Domínguez, Sebastián Martínez and Argentinean Michell Brown.

This production “made in Colombia” is about organ trafficking, an illegal practice that claims more lives every day worldwide. Leonardo Padrón, a famous Venezuelan writer, captured this terrible situation in an exceptional script that tells the story of a woman who receives a heart from a donor, without knowing that the person who had the organ removed was killed for that purpose.

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Due to the captivating nature of the story and the excellent acting quality that its protagonists transmit, this series is being widely commented on worldwide, ranking first in preference for the Netflix audience.

For this achievement, the actors, actresses, directors, cameramen and all the production that worked on this shoot for several months in different locations in our country have felt proud.

Also, the president of the Colombians, Iván Duque Márquez, who through a trill congratulated the entire cast and the production company that managed to materialize the idea of ​​the screenwriter Leonard Padrón.

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The president of our country stressed that through the promotion of the Orange Economy, with regard to audiovisual production in Colombia through incentives such as the Audiovisual Investment Certificates (CINA), they have been able to finance a part of this and other audiovisual projects of national and international interest.

“It fills us with pride that the series is positioned as the most watched in the world,” said the president.

It should be noted that “Palpito” was produced by CMOP_CINEYTV, a production company based in Bogotá that benefited from these economic incentives from the Government destined for the creation of content.

Duque congratulated those who produced 'Palpito' for Netflix and actress Andrea Guzmán recalled that "we have no royalties"
Producer of Palpito.

The company is a producer and creator of films, series and documentaries. In addition, it has audiovisual production services.

After this trill from President Duque, Andrea Guzmán, an actress who starred in the role of “Yadira” in ‘Pedro El Escamoso’, reminded the president that there are many actors in the country who have a hard time financially, despite the fact that their image It is broadcast on different television channels.

Guzmán, claims for this type of situation the payment of royalties as indicated by Law 1403 or “Fanny Mickey Law”, as it is known in acting and audiovisual jargon.

“This little face is that of a Colombian actress. Did you know that Colombian actors are the only actors in the world that are not entitled to royalties for our work? », She answered in the trill.

This situation has already been evidenced by other actors and actresses in the national media.

Aida Bossa at the time, demanded from Telecaribe the payment of royalties for the retransmission of the series ‘let her diea production in which she played a starring role as the late folklorist ‘La Niña Emilia’.

On another occasion, Toto Vega, actor and director, complained to cable operators such as Claro, Movistar, Tigo; among others, that they pay the “debt” they have with the country’s actors and actresses for the retransmission of soap operas.

Precisely, he mentioned in his tweet Law 1403, which states that “a remuneration for public communication is established for performers or performers of audiovisual works and recordings.”

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