Due to alleged medical negligence, baby died in Soacha

Due to alleged medical negligence, baby died in Soacha

In the last few hours, the complaint was made known that a family from the municipality of Soacha (Cundinamarca), does for an alleged Medical negligence that led to the death of a 15-month-old baby.

Frankie Salazar, father of the deceased minor, said in the Bogotá Alert newscast that, last Wednesday, September 21, the baby presented an “outbreak” on his cheeks, but on Friday the 23rd, when it sprouted more, they decided to take him to a Sibaté medical center.

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There they advised the parents to apply a cream and prescribed a syrup to solve the acne. However, when he returned home, the minor worsened because he presented irritation in his eyes on Sunday the 25th, which is why they went to the Mario Gaitan Yanguas Hospital in Soacha.

Mr. Salazar indicated that they arrived at six in the morning and were only seen until 10:00 am because there were many patients.

Later, a nurse channeled the child, gave him Loratadine, applied a serum, which led to Gael Santiago convulsing, who changed color and then died, despite the resuscitation process.

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Frankie Salazar demands an explanation from the spokespersons of the Soacha care center to know what led to her son’s death, but believes that the case was triggered by a possible misapplication of the appropriate medications, as happened with the girl Sara Sofia Godoy at the Mercy Hospital from Bogotá, where by applying a 3-milligram medication for an atopic dermatitis that she presented, they gave her 100 milligrams, 33 times more, which led to her death on August 10, 2022, after several days hospitalized.

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