Duartiano Institute reiterates call for the Patriotic March this Saturday

Duartiano Institute reiterates call for the Patriotic March this Saturday

Santo Domingo.- The Duartian Institute reiterated the call to the peoples of the Cibao region to participate in the “RD Patriotic Brand – Santiago”, this Saturday, October 1, at 3 in the afternoon, to demand that the international community, mainly the UN, the OAS, the United States, France and Canada, to assist Haiti in its comprehensive rescue and reconstruction process.

The organization’s president, Wilson Gómez Ramírez, explained that the Patriotic March will start from Colón Park, will go through El Sol Street and will end in Duarte Park in Santiago, where patriotic entities, organizations that act in social life, convened by the Institute Duartiano, will give a new lesson of order, discipline and patriotism, raising the emblems of the Dominican Nation.

“He can make these patriotic demonstrations because he understands that it is necessary for Haiti to achieve its institutional rise with the help of its own people, but with the help of the leaders of the international and hemispheric community, from whom an authentic effort is required now more than ever before. , consistent, sincere, to rescue and rebuild Haiti in Haiti,” he said.

He indicated that an international collaboration that is limited to providing military forces would not be enough to restrict the brutal violence that prevails in Haiti, which is manifested with increasing intensity and cruelty, by heavily armed groups financed from abroad. They seek to destroy the few structures that still remain in Haiti and cause its desperate population to flee desperately to the Dominican Republic.

He pointed out that this patriotic entity deems it necessary to reorganize that society in its territory, establish its civil registry, which allows the Haitian population to be provided with reliable identity documentation, which makes it possible to hold open elections from which authorities capable of sponsoring and establish the desired social peace.

Finally, he reiterated that “the rescue and reconstruction effort that we have been demanding from the international community is the only fair, rational and moral thing, and it is what elementary principles of international law impose, and it is, furthermore, what we really want. Dominicans based on our own national interests: to have an organized, safe, stable, and prosperous neighboring island nation.”

About the Duartian Institute

The Duartian Institute is an official and autonomous body, founded on January 26, 1964, and Law number 127-01, of July 27, 2001, granted it autonomy.

Its objective is to promote the history, ideals, values ​​and example of the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte. It is the institution responsible for disseminating the life and examples of the Father of the Nation, as well as the glorious history of Dominicans.

It has the mission of bringing the story of Juan Pablo Duarte to the Dominican people and trying to ensure that, through knowledge of his ideals, hard work, refined honesty, patriotism, spirit of service and exemplary life, there is a better citizen and a just and fair country. happy, as the father of the country dreamed.

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