Six people remain hospitalized after attack in Aracruz

Drunk driver invades procession and kills two worshipers in Pará

A car invaded the main Catholic procession in Santarém, Pará, at dawn since Sunday (4), running over 16 people and leaving at least two dead. The 28th Walk of Faith with Mary is part of the festivities of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, patroness of the Archdiocese of Santarém, and runs 37 kilometers between Mojuí dos Campos and Santarém.Drunk driver invades procession and kills two worshipers in Pará

According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF) in the state, at around 1:30 am, teams from the corporation, the Military Police, the Fire Department and municipal bodies escorted faithful who participated in the procession, which brought together thousands of people.

“Unfortunately, in the vicinity of the 8th Construction Engineering Battalion on BR-163, a Fiat Strada model vehicle, with its headlights off, advanced towards the PRF police officers who carry out flow control at the site, resulting in the running over of 16 (sixteen ) pilgrims, with two deaths confirmed so far,” said the PRF note.

Those killed in the accident are Angela Maria Gomes Moraes and her son Marcírio Mendes Moraes Neto. The PRF reported that the car tried to flee the scene, being pursued by security forces vehicles, which reached the vehicle. The three occupants of the car were arrested with high levels of alcohol verified by the alcohol test.

“The driver underwent a breathalyzer test, and the result was 0.46 mg/l of alcohol per liter of alveolar air, constituting a traffic crime. The other two passengers in the vehicle were also submitted to the test, and both were found to be drunk, with results of 0.46 mg/l and 1.02 mg/l”.

The limit provided for in the Brazilian Traffic Code is 0.3 milligrams of alcohol per liter of alveolar air. The three men were taken to the Santarém police station.

According to the PRF, the victims were rescued by the Fire Department and taken by the Emergency Medical Service (Samu) to the Santarém Municipal Health Post. Seven people were injured.

“The PRF deeply regrets what happened and offers solidarity to the families and friends of the victims and participants in the walk and clarifies that it continues to investigate the dynamics of the accident and collaborates for a rigorous elucidation of the facts”.

Weighing Notes

In a note published on its social networks, the Archdiocese of Santarém, the organizer of the event, expressed “deep regret and solidarity” for the victims of the “regrettable accident”.

“In this moment of pain, we pray to Our Lord Jesus Christ to receive the fatal victims in his heavenly abode, and grant them eternal rest in his infinite mercy. At the same time, we express our support and our solidarity with the victims hospitalized in the city’s hospitals, and we implore Our Lady of Conception, the intercession for the full recovery of all “, says the note from the Archdiocese.

The city of Santarém also released a note in which it expresses “vote of deep regret” for the death of Angela and Marcírio.

“We also express our solidarity and condolences to family members and friends and we are with our teams accompanying and available to family members since the time of the incident. May God comfort the family in this difficult time of loss and pain.”

The 28th Walk of Faith with Maria left the Nogueirão field, in Mojuí dos Campos, where shows of Catholic bands and the Sending Mass of the Walk before the beginning of the procession. The closure would be at Praça da Matriz, in Santarém, but was canceled due to the accident.

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