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Driver caught transporting marijuana

A driver was charged after being caught transporting marijuana.

The fiscal agent Milciades Ramos filed charges against Claudio Velázquez Marmolejo for the alleged commission of the punishable act of Possession and Marketing of Narcotic Substances.

On August 4, 2022, at approximately 7:00 p.m., at the headquarters of the Ñeembucú Police Directorate, in the city of Pilar, a detailed verification of a black van-type vehicle with the Comercial Aldo logo was carried out. and painted in various colors, with advertisements for various products and merchandise, since the driver, Claudio Javier Velázquez Marmolejo, stated during a routine check that he was on his way to the city of Pilar to buy fishery products and upon viewing its interior, he presumably had a double bottom the rolled, for which the deputy chief of the Police Station No. 18 km 77 District of San Juan B., Ñeembucú on the Fourth Route, the 1st Officer Damián Cano, communicated said situation to the prosecutor Milciades Ramos, of the Unit of Fight against Drug Trafficking, the same to the suspicion that he had hidden some prohibited substance, ordered the transfer to the Police Directorate, in order to carry out a better observation.

Once in place and using various tools to open the double bottom, which was behind the cab of the van and attached to the front seat, an iron plate-type structure held together with rivets. 19 yellow hessian and polyethylene bags were found, wrapped with transparent packaging tape, with alleged marijuana inside. Next, the 19 bags were weighed, yielding the amount of 194 kilograms, likewise, the Primary Field Analysis was carried out in the Narcotest System and yielded a positive result for marijuana.

Finally, from the power of Claudio Javier Velázquez Marmolejo, in addition to the aforementioned substances, several items were seized, such as a cell phone, a drill, a riveting tool, a screwdriver, keys, a clamp, a portable battery and a medium coleman.

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