Dredging will begin in a critical area of ​​the Paraguay River

Dredging will begin in a critical area of ​​the Paraguay River

In this context, the MOPC reported that the awarded signatures They already have the “start order issued by this State portfolio on December 29.”

The area known as “Cheese Step”, which is located at km 60, between the cities of Pilar and Humaitá, is one of the most critical steps currently in place. This was determined through the bathymetric survey (study of the depths) carried out.

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In turn, as of today, the National Administration of Navigation and Ports (ANNP) in the role of inspector of the contracts, he is already doing the pre dredgingor, meanwhile, the dredger is moved to the mentioned area.

The equipment is expected to arrive at the site tomorrow night, so that work can begin on Wednesday morning, while work is already underway in the other lots to determine the first points to intervene, according to the bathymetric results obtained.

It should be remembered that the dredging will cover three fronts or lots.

The first comprises the Paraguay River from the confluence with the Paraná River to km 387, and is run by the company Ingeniería de Topografía de Caminos SA (T&C SA); Lot 2 begins at km 387 and goes to km 704 where the company Terminal Occidental SA (TOSA) is the protagonist and, finally, Lot 3, from km 704 to the confluence with the Apa River, will be executed by the contractor Arts and Structures SA

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In the three sectors, an estimated extraction of between 1,500,000 m³ and 2,000,000 m³ is expected that will be removed from the riverbed in a period of 36 months for the purpose of improving the navigability of the most important waterway in our country.

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