Draft Public Procurement Law with half sanction

Deputies granted on Wednesday half a sanction to the bill “On Supply and Public Procurement.” The document seeks to strengthen the pillars of efficiency, equality and transparency in all purchasing processes carried out by the Paraguayan State.

Taking into account information from Radio Monumental, the initiative constituted a joint effort of various actors from society and the technical teams and authorities of the National Directorate of Public Procurement, the Ministry of Finance and the Technical Secretariat of Planning.

“We can say that 95% of the law is already approved. Now if a company was sanctioned, but it has another company in the same area, it will no longer be able to sell, that happened a lot in times of pandemic, “said Viviana Casco, minister of the Technical Planning Secretariat.

He mentioned that if the rule is approved, no company of legislators and their families will be able to present themselves to state tenders.

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