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Doubts about a horse, new mobilization and the route of the greyhounds and roosters

Doubts about a horse, new mobilization and the route of the greyhounds and roosters

The Coordinator for the Abolition of the Jineteadas in Uruguay (CAJU) called for a new protest mobilization for the carrying out of this activity in the Criolla Week organized by the Municipality of Montevideoin which framework this year again there were dozens of injured horses and one died.

the call It was scheduled for the 18th hour of this Sunday the 9th, the closing day of the 78th Creole Weekwhere Lucas Obes avenue and Hermanos Ruiz street meet.

The purpose of the mobilization is “for the end of the jineteadas in Montevideo”was indicated in a statement sent to public opinion (see below).

The details of the call.

What those involved in the coordinator hope is that the riders, in the shortest possible time, follow the route of other activities that were traditional and have been prohibited due to mistreatment and the lack of animal welfare, such as greyhound racing and cockfights.

Rita Rodríguez, a member of the NGO Trato Ético Animal, which is part of the CAJU, told The Observer that In the riding of this Friday the 7th “there were so many, but so many falls, that they closed the ring earlier, there were about five mounts to go and they closed earlier because a horse ended up on the ground, they cut the transmission (on TV Ciudad, reported) and there had been no gotten up”.


♬ original sound – Rita RodGon

He added that, in addition to the horses, “there was some rider who went wrong”.

Rodríguez made a video this Friday, explaining what happened. This Saturday morning, he reported that “There is no news at the moment, they told us unofficially that this horse is alive”.

There will be a report request

On the number of injured and dead animals, he reported that there is the final data from last year’s edition, in 2022, with more than 40 injured and one dead horse, which this year is unofficially known to have dozens of injured horses and another death and as soon as this week ends, a formal request will be made to the mayor for access to that information.

This week, speaking to The Observer, the president of the Union of Appearances and Traditionalist Societies of Uruguay (Uastu), Jorge Díaz, said that no one is sadder than a traditionalist when a horse dies, that there is animal welfare in horse riding and invited animal organizations to learn how the troopers have the horses in the fields.

Regarding this, Rodríguez indicated: “Note the good living conditions that the horses have outside the ring It is an attempt to move the axis of the discussion. Every person who has animals in their care must give them good living conditions, they only fulfill their responsibility and that does not enable them to abuse them in the form of a show within the arena ”.

In another order, he stressed that when a responsibility is indicated on the part of the mayor, who is the one who organizes and supports the activity in Rural del Prado, “It is time to stop allocating money and work to the promotion of violence against animals”.

“Cruel and violent” practice

In the mentioned communiqué, it is indicated: “The jineteadas They are a cruel and violent practice that involves the mistreatment of animals and that must be eradicated from our society.. The animals used in these activities are subjected to unnecessary suffering, which can lead to serious injury and even death. As a society, it is our duty to ensure that animal rights are respected and protected. The abolition of the jineteadas is a fundamental measure to advance in this sense and promote a fairer and more respectful culture towards all. We invite the entire community to join this mobilization and show their support in the fight for the abolition of the jineteadas. Jtogether we can achieve real change and make Uruguay a more compassionate and just place for all”.

CAJU is a coordination space, not an organization, which integrates many organizations, some with legal status and others without. CAJU is made up of all the members of the National Coordinator of NGOs for Animal Protection.

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