Dora María Téllez, before the European Parliament: "In Nicaragua there is a regime of terror"

Dora María Téllez, before the European Parliament: “In Nicaragua there is a regime of terror”

The former Sandinista guerrilla and released politician Dora María Téllez appeared this morning before the European Parliament to denounce the situation of “insecurity and the regime of terror” that Nicaragua is going through under the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

“Citizens within the country know that whether they oppose or not, they are running a risk and that implies the enormous migration of Nicaraguans to the United States, Mexico, Panama and Spain, which are the most important recipients of migrants. There is no security condition in the country. The Ortega-Murillos have implemented a regime of terror through the Police,” denounced Téllez. The mythical Commander Two denounced Ortega’s use of a Police instrumentalized for repression. “The situation in Nicaragua is extremely serious,” he warned

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«A political Police that is fully instrumentalized for repression and that has now concentrated its objective on the persecution of the Catholic Church. Nicaragua has become a country where Stations of the Cross and Holy Week are prohibited, they cannot leave the church, Bishop (Rolando) Álvarez is in the worst conditions in a Nicaraguan jail,” the ex-guerrilla continued to denounce.

Dora María Téllez, before the European Parliament: "In Nicaragua there is a regime of terror"

Téllez continued to denounce the persecution imposed by Ortega on the Catholic Church, imprisoning priests, prohibiting traditions and preventing the entry of religious into the country, for which he considers that “the situation in Nicaragua is extremely serious.”

He affirms that with the release of the majority of political prisoners a door has been opened and it is an “indicator that Ortega has not withstood international pressure and has had to give in to the release of political prisoners unconditionally. We were hostages to be exchanged for the recognition of the legitimacy of the government that emerges from electoral fraud, but our departure is the indicator of the failure of the Ortega-Murillo strategy,” he said before the plenary.

Likewise, Téllez appreciated the pressure imposed by the international community and the European Union, as well as the constant demands to the Nicaraguan dictatorship to respect human rights. “They have not withstood the pressure from inside and outside the country despite the fact that the terror regime grows, despite the threats growing and despite the persecution spreading, the regime is not being able to handle the situation,” Consider the ex-guerrilla.

Dora María Téllez was violently and arbitrarily detained on June 13, 2021. The regime accused her of conspiring against the homeland, cybercrimes or common crimes, under a sentence of eight years of pressure. She released her on February 9 after putting her and 221 opponents on a plane bound for Washington. Outside the country, she stripped her of her Nicaraguan nationality.

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