"Don't start saying that I don't love my baby": Greeicy Rendón met video criticism "and what about my time?"

“Don’t start saying that I don’t love my baby”: Greeicy Rendón met video criticism “and what about my time?”

Greeicy Rendón, Colombian singer.

There is debate about ‘romanticized motherhood’ and ‘real motherhood, that of tiredness’. Some even point out, because the singer should be alert to a possible postpartum depression.

Colombia News.

“And what about my time, what about my life?” Greeicy Rendón said to her baby while hugging him, a video uploaded to her Instagram stories, which caused various comments.

The singer added that she was learning to “spoil babies” and that the only thing the little one liked was “being loaded”.

Said recording generated a wave of comments towards the singer and actress who in recent days said that she was in a “dead end” with the subject of motherhood.

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This was precisely the questioning made by his followers. Some think that the role of mother may be taking its toll on Greeicy and they complain about the treatment she gives to her baby since they assure that she shakes him in the video.

Some even advise you to be alert in case these are signs of possible postpartum depression, a state of mind in which some women tend to fall when they notice both physical and personal changes after giving birth.

In the face of criticism, the artist from Cali reappeared in another video explaining that it was all a humorous recording: “Don’t start saying that I don’t love my baby,” he laughed.

“I have a gruff mother,” he spoke to his child in a tender tone.

Greeicy, whose partner is also Valle del Cauca singer Mike Bahía, concluded in his message pampering his baby who was born on April 21: «Defend me, people say I don’t love him. People don’t know we love each other.”

It should be remembered that Greeicy showed herself as her daily life is in her motherhood process.

At that time, he expressed that he was in a “dead end”, referring to what it means to care for a newborn: changing diapers, staying up late, preparing bottles; etc. In itself, real motherhood and not the romanticized one that is only seen in advertisements and movies where the mother is always happy.

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