Dominicans spend between 3,000 and 15,000 pesos on Valentine's Day gifts

Dominicans spend between 3,000 and 15,000 pesos on Valentine’s Day gifts

A total of 80% of Dominicans celebrates Valentine’s Day and 39% consider it a very important date. They spend between 3,000 and 15,000 pesos per person on gifts, according to data compiled by the digital remittance company WorldRemit

In an infographic that records the figures on February 14, it is noted that clothing, watches or accessories and food at home are the gifts traditional. In other words, they are the ones that Dominicans consume the most on the aforementioned date.

43% buy gifts after seeing offers published in the media, 29% prefer promotions and 28% prefer discounts.

“This year the effect of global inflation is still being felt and according to a survey Among WorldRemit users, more than 25% of people are changing their spending habits. To adjust to this situation, they reduce discretionary spending on entertainment. This is going out to dinner or going to the movies or the theater”, highlights the company.

Online commerce triumphs and men are more spenders

According to WorldRemit data, the trend that has been observed in recent years is that people prefer to buy their gifts online rather than in person. Online purchases around Valentine’s Day have increased 321% in the last decade.

The purchase of jewelry, flowers and hotel and restaurant reservations in particular through digital channels has grown a 92%

About WorldRemit

WorldRemit is a leading global payments company and, along with Sendwave, is part of Zepz, a group that powers two global payments brands.

Challenge an industry previously dominated by traditional offline companies. Make money transfers abroad online, which makes them safer, faster and at a lower cost.

Currently, it sends from 50 to 130 countries, operates in more than 5 thousand money transfer corridors. It also employs more than 1,200 people around the world.

When it comes to shipping, WorldRemit is 100% digital (cashless), which increases convenience and improves security, even when buying gifts. For those who receive money, the company offers a wide range of options. These include bank deposit, cash collection, phone recharge and mobile money.

Backed by Accel, TCV and Leapfrog, WorldRemit is headquartered in London, UK, with regional offices in the US. Also in Poland, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa. Likewise in Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Belgium.

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