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Dominican businessmen participate in Macrorrueda 95

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Dominican businessmen participate in Macrorrueda 95

This Wednesday began the Macro wheel 95a place to promote the exports in Puerta de Oro, Barranquilla, Colombia, where Dominican businessmen and other countries participate with the aim of expanding and diversifying their businesses in the region.

The activity is organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, through the platform ProColombia, and will end on March 23. The macro wheel It is considered the most important business meeting in Colombia.

“We are facilitating the spaces and the tools necessary for more Colombian companies to grow through internationalization, bringing economic justice to all territories,” said Carmen Caballero, president of ProColombia.

“That’s the spirit of this macro wheel, what we call the regionsbecause it belongs to all Colombians,” he added.

He indicated that the appointments commercial are made up of international buyers and Colombian exporters.

“The macro wheel It is an ideal space for Colombian businessmen also know what the world is demanding,” he said.

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Through the reindustrialization policy of Colombiabased on knowledge, productivity and sustainability, the country seeks to advance, not only in processes of productive transformation and sophistication of the offer, but also in meeting internal and external demands with products.

The meeting will serve to bring the Colombian offer of 1,436 companies from 24 departments (provinces), to international demand, which will be represented by 618 companies from 44 countries, including the Dominican Republic.

In addition, international participation will have a special emphasis on the Latin American markets and the Caribbean, which represent 64% of the total number of foreign participants.

The macro wheelwhich is carried out with the support of the Atlantic Governoratethe Barranquilla Mayor’s Office, ProBarranquilla and the Cartagena Port Society, will have several new features.

Guest country: Venezuela

Caballero stressed that the guest country is Venezuelabecause that country and Colombia have a historical and long tradition in the development of their economic relations, due to their border proximity.

“Our countries have commercialized along the border common from their very origin as nations. There is an interaction between the two countries, as if it were a single one, and their relations transcend and are distributed throughout the length and breadth of both countries“, he pointed.

On his side, the Vice Minister of Foreign trade of Colombia, Luis Felipe Quintero, said that the macro wheel 95 It is an opportunity to increase exports and strengthen trade relations in the region.

He said that the topic of Venezuela it is not only a matter of reunite bordersTherefore, it is important that businessmen know that the legal bases for these binational relations exist.

“We have made several agreements with the neighboring country of Venezuela, which is important for employers to take into account. The first and most important: a reciprocal investment agreement; an agreement that has been signed and approved by Venezuela” and is being reviewed by Colombian legislators, the official said.

Colombian export figures

In the activity, data on Colombian exports were offered during 2022. In that year, total exports reached 57,259.3 million dollars, 38.3% more than in 2021. As of January 2023, total exports totaled 3,694.9 million dollars, 2.8% less than in the same period of 2022.

Dominican exports to Colombia

In a report published by the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) explains that the total exports of the Dominican Republic for 2022 amount to 12,390.93 million dollars, presenting an increase of 6.41%, in relation to 2021.

For this period, 62.69% of exports belong to the regime of free trade zone34.53% to the national regime, 2.51% to temporary admission and the remaining 0.27% to re-export.

Of the total exports during 2022, 0.43% went to the Colombian market, representing some 53 million dollars. This meant a decrease of 7.8%, compared to 2021.

Main products exported Dominicans to Colombia

According to the date of ProDominicanthe Dominican products exported to the Colombian market are made up of:

  • Mixtures of odoriferous substances and mixtures, including alcoholic solutions (32.57%)
  • Instrument identified by the use of ostomy (14.49%)
  • Instruments and apparatus of medicines, surgery or veterinary medicine (10.36%)
  • Spirits (9.64%)
  • Medications made up of mixed or unmixed products prepared for therapeutic uses (4.28%), among others.

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