Act of support for the candidacy of Francisco Domínguez Brito for the presidency by the PLD in Bonao

Domínguez Brito sees the government frustrated the hope of young people to get jobs

In massive acts, before more than 3,000 people, Francisco Domínguez Brito, presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), affirmed that the Dominican people have lost hope of getting a job due to the erratic policy that the government of the President Luis Abinader, where informality continues to increase due to lack of incentives to promote the occupational system.

It was also indicated that the population is experiencing moments of great anguish due to the high prices of food and citizen insecurity.

These statements were offered before more than 3,000 people at the Bonao Country Club and at the Mao Lions Club, in two massive events where Francisco validated his powerful electoral and campaign team and sealed the victory of his project in the provinces Monseñor Nouel and Valverde.

Domínguez Brito sees the government frustrated the hope of young people to get jobs 2

The former Minister of Labor described the government’s call for young professionals and technicians to deposit resumes with the aim of applying for jobs, but they never get called.

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He stated that the government has frustrated the hope that hundreds of thousands of young professionals and technicians have of getting a job to insert themselves in the country’s productive work: “It’s a joke, they play with their dreams and desire to get ahead.”

“Proof of this is that the Ministry of Labor itself admits that it has 628,536 resumes in its possession in a job bank created to keep the applications of applicants,” he said. Dominguez Brito.

Francisco assured that while this gloomy panorama is recorded, informality reaches levels of 58% of people who work on their own in order to survive amid the difficulties created by government mismanagement. He warned that while unemployment and informality grow, the officials of the government of President Luis Abinader increase the luxury salaries they earn, claiming adjustment for inflation.

The former Attorney General of the Republic expressed his concern about the high waves of crime in the country and the uncontrolled increase in basic food: “This government lives in a bubble, it does not care about the people who have the least, while all the main products of the basic basket go up and purchasing power goes down, they make fun of the people by increasing their salaries”.

“President Luis Abinader is only committed to carrying out acts every day in a frank political promotion of his aspirations to continue in power, but the people are determined that they leave in 2024 due to their inability to govern,” he stressed.

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