Domínguez Brito: “Gobierno del PRM boicotea Ley de Extinción de Dominio”

Domínguez Brito: “PRM Government boycotts Domain Forfeiture Law”

Puerto Plata.- Francisco Dominguez Britocandidate for the presidential nomination for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) accused the Dominican Government and the ruling party of boycotting the project of the Domain Extinction Law.

Dominguez Brito He pointed out that the approval of the Domain Extinction Law is fundamental, urgent and necessary to make the fight against drug trafficking, organized crime and administrative corruption more effective.

The former Attorney General of the Republic stressed that a series of observations raised by some jurists must be taken into account, but that regardless of this, there is more than enough time for us to approve the aforementioned Law.

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“The Money Laundering Law is one of the most important tools, but it needs the Asset Forfeiture Law as a supplementary Law that can cover the gaps, since the Money Laundering Law only works on the person and the crimes committed by the themselves, while the Extinction Law works on the assets and the criminal sanctions against the accused” he explained.

The pre-candidate and member of the Political Committee of the PLD denounced the aforementioned boycott in the framework of a massive act in the city of Puerto Plata in support of his presidential project.

The former senator of the Republic also said that things must be discussed as they are, before it is too late, that we talk about the dreams and the legitimate ambition of the defenseless abandoned.

“Let’s talk about the country of equals that we all dream of, let’s talk about justice without privileges. The time has come to propose solutions and concrete actions to close once and for all the cycle of poverty, unemployment, hunger, social injustice and the outrageous inequality gap that our country suffers,” he said.

“Today, here in Puerto Plata we demonstrate what we have been doing for months, week after week, day after day, hour after hour, we have focused on building the strongest political structure for the internal consultation on October 16,” said Domínguez Brito .

He affirmed that the time has come for Puerto Plata. In a government of his and with the support of all, Puerto Plata will be one of the main dynamic axes of the country. He will continue betting on developing the tourist and service infrastructures that the province requires.

“It will be one of the first provinces where we will start the urban renewal program. In Puerto Plata was where it all began. La Isabela, the first city layout in these American lands. The first Free Zone, the first tourist development pole, the first International Airport outside of Santo Domingo, the leading province in receiving cruise tourism, the first province in water sports, and the province where some of the best rums in the world are manufactured. world,” he stated.

He stated that it is necessary to offer 24 hours of energy to companies and homes and not 19 hours and decreasing, due to the inability of the current government that does not know how to govern.

“We need to generate employment in more profitable activities with greater added value. That is why inclusive education and access to opportunities are a fundamental part of those commitments that I assume today with you and in front of you”, she expressed.

Domínguez Brito said that it will fill Childcare Centers and Primary Care Centers, and will build the Puerto Plata-Punta Rucia highway. He said that he will make the Loma Isabel de Torre a great and beautiful botanical garden of flowers, the
27 puddles will have more support and Imbert will build an Institute of Crafts, making Imbert the center of national, Caribbean and Latin American crafts.

Domínguez Brito thanked everyone present at the event, where he highlighted the efforts of the militants of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and the sympathizers with their aspirations: “Thanks to this historic and beautiful Province of Puerto Plata, for the organization and presence in this activity of massive support, where you ratify that I will be the sure presidential candidate of the PLD next October 16”.

The structure of Francisco Domínguez Brito from Puerto Plata present at the event was made up of the members of the central committee, Jesús Cabrera, Aneudys Álvarez, Junior Polanco, Douglas Pichardo, Danilo Morrobel, Emelania Cid, Diury Dorrejo and Alex Cruz.

As well as by the leaders Ysis Beard, Jonás Fernández, Odris Almonte, Juan Carlos Casilla, Merlin Ciriaco, Angeli Calvo, Deisy Martínez, Griselda Vásquez, Emmanuel Hernández, Carlos Santos, Dickson Pascual, Nilson Hiraldo and Winston Ceverino.

Their team is completed by Rafelito Estrella, Maoche Tavárez, Dennis Fernández, Josefina Vivili, Armando López, Iván Colón, Milton Cabrera, Celia, Dilcia Hernández, Yaquis Burgos, Dr. Pierret, Francis García and Annette Martínez.


On October 16, 2022, the PLD has decided to elect its candidate via a consultation, said election will be carried out through a consultation open to society, where every woman, every man, young or old, professional or farmer, teacher or student, housewife or motoconchista, you will be able to vote freely for the candidate of your choice, as long as you are not registered in another political party.

“The numbers of surveys, measurements, preferences clearly, forcefully, without room for doubt, say that the majority preference is for our candidacy and for our proposals,” he said.

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